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Christ Before Pilate Again (Duccio); Abinadi Before King Noah (Freiberg)

Wonder, marvel, knowledge: a Holy Week meditation

Inspired by contemplation of Isaiah 52–53; Mosiah 13–15; Alma 7; John 17; Mosiah 5; Matthew 7; 2 Nephi 2, 4; and ritual in sacred places.

I puzzle over the favored Christian interpretation of Isaiah’s suffering servant, paying attention to subjects and objects, nouns and pronouns, names and identities. I scratch my head at the Latter-day Saint identification of Jesus and Jehovah. I perceive a change in voice — from the plural chorus of the wayward and then grateful community of prophets or believers or citizens of Zion, to the singular responding intonation — actually, in a mirror image of more perfected unity, the plural intensive — of the Lord himself.

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